TeleFFIT Healthcare Professionals Learning Modules

Before commencing the TeleFFIT program, you will be required to watch the 7 learning modules listed below and complete a short quiz after each module to ensure that you have an understanding of the latest research related to the prevention and management of osteoporosis, sarcopenia, falls and fractures and are familiar with all aspects of the TeleFFIT program and how to implement it. For each quiz, you must achieve a pass mark of at least 80%.

Module 1 – Osteoporosis: Definition, Facts, Risk Factors and Diagnosis

Learning Objectives: To be able to define osteopenia and osteoporosis, understand the consequences and pathophysiology, identify common risk factors and tools used to diagnose this disease.

Module 2 – Muscle Loss, Sarcopenia, Falls and Their Risk Factors

Learning Objectives: To be able to describe age-related changes in muscle mass, strength and function, define sarcopenia and how it is diagnosed, and understand the key risk factors for muscle loss, sarcopenia and falls.

Module 3 – Nutrition for Optimal Bone and Muscle Health

Learning Objectives: To be able to explain the importance of calcium, vitamin D and protein for bone and muscle health and make recommendations to meet required daily intakes.

Module 4 – Exercise for Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention

Learning Objectives: To be able to define the key principles of exercise to optimise bone health for healthy individuals and those at risk of osteoporosis and/or falls.

Module 5 – Exercise Prescription for Falls Prevention

Learning Objectives: To be able to define key risk factors and common circumstances for falls and the exercise principles to prevent falls along with safety considerations.

Module 6 – Exercise for the Management of Osteoporosis and Fractures

Learning Objectives: To be able to understand the key considerations related to exercise for people with osteoporosis and those with and/or at high risk of fracture.

Module 7 – Delivering the TeleFFIT Falls and Fracture Prevention Program

Learning Objectives: To understand the aims and rationale behind the TeleFFIT program, its structure and the key components to ensure that it is delivered as intended and consistently by everyone.

TeleFFIT – Exercise Program Resources and Links

To assist you with the delivery of the TeleFFIT program, we have provided you with various templates and links to relevant resources that specific to the TeleFFIT exercise program and the TeleHab exercise prescription online platform and app and the online consultations that you will conduct with your clients throughout the program. Many of these resources can also be found in the hardcopy of the Training Manual that your received.


TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform – Exercise Templates

  • TeleHab – List of Recommended Exercises
  • Warm-up TeleHab Exercise Templates (available via Dropbox)
  • STRONG TeleHab Exercise Templates (available via Dropbox)
  • STEADY TeleHab Exercise Templates (available via Dropbox)
  • STRAIGHT TeleHab Exercise Templates (available via Dropbox)
  • ACTIVITY SNACKING TeleHab Exercise Templates (available via Dropbox)

Prescribing and Monitoring Intensity for STRONG and STEADY

TeleFFIT Exercise Program Resources

TeleFFIT Health Professional Video Consultations

TeleFFIT – Tips for Successful Video Consultations


Exercise Practitioners/Physiologists Consult and Home Visit Guides

For Local Clients

For Remote Clients

For All Clients

Dietitian Consult Guides

Additional Educational Material and Resources