What Does TeleFFIT Involve?

The TeleFFIT study is a 12-month clinical trial in which around 400 people aged 60 years and over with or at risk of having low bone density, osteoporosis, falls or fractures will be recruited.

As is the case for most clinical trials designed to test effectiveness of a new intervention, if you are eligible to participate in the study you will be randomly allocated (like a flip of a coin) into either the TeleFFIT program or a usual care group.

  • If you are allocated to the usual care group, you will receive ongoing care from your doctor as well as exercise and falls prevention education material.
  • If you are allocated to TeleFFIT, you will receive a multifaceted program that incorporates five core elements which are briefly outlined below.

Core Elements of the TeleFFIT Program


Health Assessment

You will first be asked to complete an online health, medical and lifestyle risk assessment and outline your personal goals and any potential barriers that might influence your ongoing participation in the program. This information will be used to guide the development of your own personalised program.


Personalised Exercise Program + Health Coaching

You will receive an initial consultation at your home with a qualified exercise physiologist or physiotherapist (QEP) who will prescribe you a personalised exercise program based on your needs.

Your QEP will help you set up and use the free exercise training app called TeleHab. The app is easy to use with narrated videos of all exercises and instructions on the right dose of training for you.

Throughout your training, you will be able to include specific comments to your QEP at any time who will be remotely monitoring all your exercise sessions.

You can learn more about the TeleFFIT exercise program and the TeleHab exercise app here.


Dietitian Consultations

You will receive an initial one-on-one video consultation with a qualified dietitian. This is not to prescribe you a specific dietary plan, but to discuss your current eating habits and explore ways to encourage more healthy eating behaviours to help you optimise your musculoskeletal health and functional ability. You will receive three further follow-up consultations (catch-ups) over the 12 months program to allow you to discuss how you are going with your healthy eating plan.


Tailored Health Messages

You will receive regular personalised health text (SMS) messages and tips on simple strategies to keep you motivated, improve your self-management behaviours to optimise your bone and muscle health and mobility and to encourage adherence to the exercise program.


Education and Online Peer Support

You will be provided with a series of short online informative educational videos and access to handouts and fact sheets to further encourage self-care and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

You will also be invited to engage in monthly TeleFFIT group Zoom coffee catch-ups to connect with fellow participants, the research team and other health experts who will speak to you on topics that are of relevance and interest to you.